Happiness Management

Organizational Culture

We energise the Organization’s Ecosystem using techniques designed to foster High Performance through a higher level of employee’s Happiness, resulting in visible achievements in the way they work and behave.

We implement New Cultures based on Life-Work Balance and co-create Happy Workplaces with Organizations, providing advice and assistance on how to instil good habits and good practices at work in order to improve employees’ Health and Well-being, as well as the quality of Interpersonal Relationships. This balance, along with a friendly working atmosphere, is key to increasing employees’ level of satisfaction, Motivation, Commitment, Efficiency and Productivity, and consequently, the company’s Employer Brand.

How We Implement Happiness Management

. organizational COACHING
Culture based on Values
Coaching ‘The Coach’
Canvas Cultural
Assessments on Happiness
. emotional self-regulation
Meditation & Mindfulness
Emotional Re-programming

. stress management
Sound Planning
  – Time Management
  – Getting Things Done
Prana Programme:
  – Breathing Re-training
  – Conscious Nutrition
Yoga (YOGA & Co.®)
. Workshops & Clinics
. Inspirational Talks

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